I recently attended an RGS OSSM Course, delivered by Alan Ward at Cardiff International White Water Centre. First & foremost, the venue was an ideal setting for such a course with both a nice relaxed delivery room overlooking the white water course and lots of outside space for break out sessions and reflection time.

The structure and content of the course allowed us time and opportunity to share our experiences as well as reflect and understand the RGS OSSM course aims:

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of off-site safety management procedures and the ability to apply this to a range of different contexts.
  • To develop ability to plan, manage and evaluate off-site activities in order to ensure the safety of the participants.
  • To develop skills that are relevant to the workplace and which can be adapted to meet different circumstances
  • To encourage further study and promote the value of continuing professional development.

These aims were certainly achieved, delivered in a very nice friendly engaging manner by Alan.



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