Dear Alan

A long overdue email – apologies – to you, the man who undoubtedly saved my life
A friend was staying with me; I am fond of the Beach Tree and thought it a good idea to treat ourselves to lunch but unexpectedly events took a turn for the worse.
We both noticed your family and remarked, to each other how happy you looked on the occasion of your daughter`s 40th birthday.
We then started tucking in to our lunch interspersed with much chatter only for one mouthful to go down the wrong way, resulting in initial coughing, followed by choking and then UNABLE TO BREATH AT ALL and apparently I  went red in the face.l.
I rushed from the table in the direction of the staff, in the hope they were familiar with these circumstances; they proceeded to bang me on the back but to no avail – I knew I was dying and.It was the most dreadful experience. I then vaguely heard someone call “Alan”.The next thing you proceeded to do stomach thrusts, the food blockage was no more, and I could breath again.
I was indeed most fortunate that someone with your training happened to be close at hand.
Apparently my face went from red to white and I took a little while to recover but am none the worse for the experience – a pair of very sore ribs being a small price to pay.
I will never forget that day and the part you played.I wish you a wonderful new year and  THANK YOU.

Yours sincerely