Mountain Training

Course Feedback: Greatest strengths: 1. The bad weather was ordered for Day 3 made for good training 2. Easy going with no rush to complete tasks – poor weather 3. Excellent instruction 4. Very practical and gets you to repeat core skills. 5. The experience of the trainer 6. Shared learning in small groups 7. Developmental learning approach 8. Individual areas for development identified and catered for within group situation Could have been improved by: 1. Hearing and being heard on the mountain can be an issue (I’m deaf in one ear so it became awkward a couple of times) 2. A bit more informationRead More →

June 5th – 8th: 6 candidates completed the course yesterday and were a pleasure to work with. I look forward to seeing them later in the year for Assessment! There is one place remaining on the course which starts next week on June 14th. September 17th is the course after June.Read More →