September 14th/15th: NNAS Gold Training & Assessment on the Black Mountain /// September 17th: NNAS Tutor Award /// September 18th: NNAS Tutor Award /// September 29th – October 1st: HML Training /// October 6th – 7th: HML Assessment ///


September 1st sees a resumption of Mountain Training Courses by Alan Ward (IML) of Bigfoot Services limited. Course formats will be incorporating all COVID-19 guidelines from Mountain Training and National navigation Award Scheme. September courses are: Mountain Skills – NNAS Gold – NNAS Tutor Award – NNAS Tutor Award – Read more…

MATHO KANGRI(5960m) & NUN(7135m)

September 1st – 27th 2021: Climb two of the best peaks in Ladakh in 2021 · A chance to climb one of the less technically demanding 7000m+ peaks in the Indian Himalayas – Nun 7135m · Acclimatisation climb on Martho  Kangri (5960m) Please contact me via for the full itinerary.