January 14th/15th: Congratulations to the 5 staff at Global Action who completed the course yesterday and who were a pleasure to work with.


The Off-Site Safety Management course (OSSM) was designed in response to concerns about safety in off-site activities. It addresses the content of legislation in this area and provides an opportunity for attendees to explore the application of the legislation in practical situations.

The OSSM course will be appropriate for those working in a range of different situations where they are responsible for taking children/young people/adults out of their everyday environments (e.g. on geography or environmental field trips, on sporting away events, on organised activities). It aims to equip attendees with the ability to apply knowledge, understanding and problem solving skills in a range of contexts.

The scheme is designed for adults working with both young people and adults where they will be required to plan, manage and evaluate off-site safety policies, procedures and activities. It will be particularly appropriate for teachers, lecturers, trainers and youth workers who are seeking to develop their knowledge and skills in off-site safety management. It is also relevant to those who work in organisations seeking compliance with the new British Standard, BS 8848:2014 the specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities, outside the United Kingdom. BS8848:2014 can also be used to safely manage off-site activities in the UK.

The Off-site safety management course has been designed to increase delegates’ knowledge, understanding and skills in planning, managing and evaluating the safety of off-site visits in a number of different contexts.
It is intended to meet the needs of groups organising a very wide range of activities both in the UK and abroad. It is particularly relevant to teachers, social workers, expedition leaders and university lecturers, especially those who are responsible for off-site visits within their organisations, such as geographical and biological fieldwork, adventurous outdoor activities and cultural visits.

Topics covered in the course are relevant to those operating to the new British Standard BS 8848:2014 Specification for the provision of visits, fieldwork, expeditions, and adventurous activities outside the United Kingdom.

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