Another course completed today with 5 outdoor professionals with whom it was a pleasure to spend the weekend with.

The course anonymous feedback included:

  1. Alan’s first hand “real” experience is second to none!
  2. Great presentation slides – clear wordng and images.
  3. It built on previous knowledge without covering old ground.
  4. Good discussions.
  5. The knowledge of the Instructor – teaching was excellent.
  6. The chance to listen and talk to the other participants as they discussed experiences.
  7. Alan delivered a relaxed and informative course.
  8. Alan’s knowledge of the topic is extensive and super helpful.
  9. Great course – added to my knowledge and re-affirmed current thinking – Thank you!!
  10. Approachable and friendly Instructor.
  11. Fabulous venue!!
  12. Great resources and handouts given.
  13. Mince pies??
  14. Thank you very much xx
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