May 10th – Another CSR event from Bigfoot Services Limited for the benefit of the Milton Mountaineers to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of this group of blind and partially sighted mountaineers. The summit of Snowdon was the objective and we all reached this in 4hrs 5 minutes on the Llanberis Path which was a great objective. The 15 walkers with limited or only partial sight were accompanied by their own sighted guides. My leadership team consisted of myself, Phill Warren, Helen Menhinick and Heather Maling, all giving up their own time and paying their own expenses.

Milton Mountaineers is a charity group of blind and partially sighted hill walkers and sighted friends/relations who meet in different parts of the UK to climb hills or mountains in the area.

Membership is free, but participants pay for their own travel to the venue and for accommodation. The charity subsidises one trip a year by paying for the services of a walks leader if necessary, transport to and from each day’s walk and drinks at the last evening meal.

Participants should be fit and active enough in order to walk for up to around 6 hours a day for 3 days or more in hilly and sometimes rough terrain.

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