July 13th – 27th, 2019: Join a small group for an exploration of the Nubra Valley on the ancient Silk Road and cross the Lasermo la (5,400m). Please contact us for further details.

  • Sightseeing in Leh and the surrounding area
  • Homestay visit in the Nubra Valley with an insight into how generations have lived in this remote area on the Silk Road
  • Crossing one of the highest motorable roads in the world
  • High altitude trekking
  • The shifting sand dunes of the Nubra Valley
  • Ride a Bactrian camel in the Nubra Valley
  • Crossing the Lasermo La (5,400m)
  • Impressive mountain gompas (monasteries)
  • Spectacular scenery

Like the rest of the Tibetan Plateau, Nubra is a high altitude cold desert with rare precipitation and scant vegetation except along river beds. The villages are irrigated and fertile, producing wheat, barley, peas, mustard and a variety of fruits and nuts, including blood apples, walnuts, apricots and even a few almond trees. Most of the Nubra Valley is inhabited by Nubra dialect or Nubra Skat speakers. The majority are Buddhists. In the western or lowest altitude end of Nubra Valley near the Line of Control i.e. the Indo-Pak border, along the Shyok River, the inhabitants are Balti of Gilgit-Baltistan, who speak Balti, and are Shia and Sufia Nurbakhshia Muslims.

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