Course Feedback:

Greatest strengths:

1. The bad weather was ordered for Day 3 made for good training
2. Easy going with no rush to complete tasks – poor weather
3. Excellent instruction
4. Very practical and gets you to repeat core skills.
5. The experience of the trainer
6. Shared learning in small groups
7. Developmental learning approach
8. Individual areas for development identified and catered for within group situation

Could have been improved by:

1. Hearing and being heard on the mountain can be an issue (I’m deaf in one ear so it became awkward a couple of times)
2. A bit more information on Access Rights, Emergency Procedures etc.

Seen on Facebook:

  1. Having just completed the 4 day HML training with Alan ward of Bigfoot Services I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone that does spend time on the hills ( or just likes the idea but is nervous)
  2. Alan is a top notch instructor who is more than happy to take the time to explain things until you are both happy that you know what your doing.
    Thursday morning I could barely open a map, now I’m quite happy and confident to navigate in thick fog, rain etc.

Seen on LinkedIn:

I did L3 FAW with Alan in September and I have just finished a 4 day Hill and Moorland leader award with Alan.
The fact that I booked to do another course is high praise indeed.
On both courses I found Alan to be knowledgeable and willing to take the time to ensure that both of you are happy that you know and understand what is being explained.
The FAW was realistic training rather than death by PowerPoint and the HML course I went from barely being able to open a map to being confident and happy to navigate and lead a group (including my own family) in the hills in poor weather and visibility.
Thank you Alan