January 2017

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From Simon Ogunlana: “As the directors of our own adventure travel company and expanding the business overseas we made the decision to attend Alan’s REC L4 Expedition First Aid course prior to our first Kilimanjaro trek. Attending the course ensured AMS and other possible illnesses were always in our mind along with everything else that comes with ensuring the safety of a group in the mountains. In addition to the First Aid elements the course also made us think about preventing illness and perhaps the practices of our in country team ensuring food hygiene, safety and much more. This course definitely added to my knowledgeRead More →


March 4th/5th – Before the summer expedition season gets under way, we are running a REC L4 Expedition First Aid course in South Wales.   This course includes realistic training in a Portable Altitude Chamber (PAC) which some previous candidates thought was a real highlight of the course.   Real AED training units by Cardiac Science are also used during the course which includes a REC L2 refresher content and some time spent outdoors for realistic scenarios.   Accommodation is available on site.   All our First Aid courses are limited to 9 candidates with a certificate valid for three years and an appropriate manualRead More →

Lynn New: Business Development Executive at Enquin Environmental Limited —– I had the pleasure of attending one of Alan’s Emergency First Aid at Work courses recently and was impressed by his depth of knowledge and all the equipment made available to us during the course.    The course was HSE compliant and included training on the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).    The day was very well received by all our staff and was a very useful refresher. —— I would recommend this course to anyone.less                                   Read More →

February 4th/5th/6th, 2017   A three day (minimum 18 hours) modular course. The course is for statutory and workplace needs. The FAW course is designed to introduce a systematic method of first aid for managing casualties. The course is a balance of learning and practical intermixed with scenarios of real situations. The course includes: The fundamental workings of the body, in particular, the heart, lungs and airway Recognising the difference between – healthy; ill; injured Recording the baseline measurements of the vital body functions Introduces a system to cope with all incidents as safely as possible Covers the HSE syllabus for first aiders at workRead More →

January 7th, 2017: PRESENTATION – Nepal and the Himalayas, by International Mountain Leader Alan Ward   Part 1 The Kingdom of Mustang —– Part 2 Mera Peak Saturday 7th Jan 2017: 1030hrs to 1430hrs. Millets Farm, Kingston Road Frilford, Oxfordshire. Tickets £18.50 from SPR EXPEDITIONS. 07805 222582 or email. info@spr-expeditions.co.uk. Refreshments includedRead More →

March 9th/10th, 2017   RGS certificated Off Site Safety Management (OSSM) course delivered by Alan Ward – International Mountain Leader and an approved RGS trainer for the course. This course is certificated by the RGS. This course is also registered with ISO9001:2015 under the ISO registration held by Bigfoot Services Limited. As part of the ISO9001:2015 compliance requirements, this RGS OSSM course is limited to 6 participants. This course features a wide range of very current and topical video clips for use in the discussion groups. These video clips have replaced the ones previously used which were supplied by RGS as feedback from our previousRead More →